Roll Out the Unwelcome Mat for Squirrels

Tired of squirrels invading your yard? Keep them away with our tips and tricks. Protect your space from these furry pests today!

Unwelcome Mat for Squirrels.jpg

The prickly plastic teeth of Cat Scat Mats irritate squirrels without harming them. They are easy to cut to fit with scissors.

Unwelcome Cat Scat Mat.jpgSquirrels seem to be a big problem this year, based on what I hear from customers at our Burlington, VT, garden center. I can substantiate these concerns with my own experience as a dabbler in raised beds and containers.

The squirrels are constantly digging up bulbs, mulch, plants, and vegetables. No dirt is left unturned for more than 8 hours! They prefer our rich and loose potting soil to the dusty “natural” dirt available in abundance in the yard. The critters don’t show interest in the plants themselves. Tiny seedlings don’t stand a chance with these incessant diggers.

It is with great relief that I have started “planting” Cat Scat Mats in my raised beds when I sow new seeds for fall. Finally, I will be successful with fall plantings of lettuce and basil. Next spring, I plan to place Cat Scat Mats in every single pot, planter, and bed.

Last updated: 03/11/2024