What Makes Birdies Raised Beds Better?

All the reasons why America’s best gardeners will love Australia’s best raised beds.

A variety of Birdie's Urban Corten Steel Raised Beds with greens growing in them

Birdies is Australia’s leading raised bed manufacturer — and for good reason. Birdies raised beds are a perfect combination of Quality, Durability, Versatility, Safety, Sustainability, and Style. Wherever you’re growing, and whatever you’re growing, Birdies has a raised bed that’s right for your gardening needs today, and for many years into the future.


Birdies original metal beds are made with 24-gauge cold-rolled galvanized steel with an Aluzinc coating 3x as thick as competing beds. Birdies Corten beds grow strength and beauty out of .7mm Corten weathering steel.


Using high-quality materials and coatings makes for long-lasting Birdies raised beds (some of their original prototypes are still going strong after more than a decade of garden use!). In tests, Birdies metal beds resisted corrosion up to 7x better than standard galvanized steel.


All materials and coatings in Birdies raised beds are non-toxic, leach-free, and completely safe for growing food. Plus, Birdies raised beds swap sharp metal corners for rounded edges (and those are the only corners that Birdies cuts).

Birdies Self-Watering Metal Raised Beds filled with growing vegetables and flowers on stone patio


Modular metal beds in both Aluzinc and Corten steel allow you to choose from 9 configurations for your Birdies raised bed. With varying heights and shapes, as well as optional self-watering capabilities, our Birdies raised beds raise the bar for container gardening.


From their solar-powered factory to their closed-loop steel recycling, Birdies prides itself on prioritizing the planet with greener practices and processes.


With a simple yet modern aesthetic, and modular options that perfectly adapt to your space, Birdies beds fit just as well in backyard gardens and on urban rooftops.

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Last updated: 03/28/2023