New to Gardening? Start here!

First time gardener

When you're new to gardening it can get overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin. You may have a million questions... such as what type of soil do you need? What are the easiest veggies to grow? Can you grow tomatoes in pots? And more!

Here is a selection from our advice library that can help answer those questions and set you (and your garden!) up for success.

All About Soils

Watch our animated video with an overview of soil science and learn how to build healthy garden soil.

Easy Seeds for Beginners

Starting seeds for the first time? Here's a list of seeds that are quick to germinate and don't require a lot of extra fussing.

Seed Starting FAQs

Ready, set, SOW! Answers to all your seed starting questions.

What Kind of Tomato Should I Grow?

With more than 700 different tomato varieties in cultivation today, it can be difficult to choose the variety that's best for your garden. Learn how to narrow down the list.

Top Crops for Small Vegetable Gardens

Growing a small garden is like living in a small house: it is not as easy as it looks. Choose the right plants and you'll have a bountiful harvest.

Know Your Growing Zone

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is based on average winter temperatures, and is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

All About Composting

Building and maintaining a compost pile is the surest, easiest way to become a better gardener. You'll get rid of your kitchen waste AND create nutrient-rich organic matter to build a healthy garden.

Everything You Need to Know About Gardening in Raised Beds

Get growing in raised beds! Discover the joys of raised garden beds and enjoy a plentiful harvest of veggies, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Raised beds offer gardeners many benefits over in-ground gardening.

How To Choose a Watering System

Soak? Drip? Sprinkle? Take a swim through the different ways to water your garden.

Design a Cut Flower Garden

Make this the year you plant a cut flower garden, and get ready to bring beautiful blooms into your home all season long! Check out these super simple flower garden plans.

Last updated: 05/22/2023