Tips for Siting Your New Veggie Garden

Raised Garden Beds in backyard

Starting a new vegetable garden? Now’s the time to think about location — before you start tilling.

There are four important things to consider when picking out a location for your new garden. Take care in selecting a location, and your garden will reward you!

  1. Sunlight: 
    Most vegetables need full sun — at least six hours of direct sunlight — to produce their best. Observe your landscape at different times of day to determine what area gets the most sun throughout the middle part of the day.
  2. Soil:
    If you're converting lawn to garden, observe where the grass in growing the best — that's a clue that the soil is deep and healthy. Or build raised beds and fill them with high-quality soil.
  3. Protection from wind:
    Strong winds dry out crops and soil, and can topple tall plants and trellises. Buildings, shrubs, and lattice fencing on the north or northwest side of the garden can help slow winds without shading plants.
  4. Water:
    Plants will need supplemental watering during dry spells, so locate your garden near a water source. Install soaker hoses at planting time and use a timer to make watering a snap.
Vegetable harvest Photo: Suzanne DeJohnVegetable harvest Photo: Suzanne DeJohn
Soil protection for tomatoes Photo: Suzanne DeJohn
Soil protection for tomatoes Photo: Suzanne DeJohn

Last updated: 12/12/2022