How To Grow Lavender Plants

Add lovely lavender to your landscape!

Lavender is fantastically fragrant, and attracts loads of bees, butterflies, and moths to the garden. It's airy form, rich purple flowers, and gray-blue woody leaves provide visual interest whether potted up in a container or planted out in a landscape. As a woody plant, lavender produces gorgeous flowers on new growth in early to mid summer. It makes an excellent cut flower and dried flower.

Where and When to Plant Lavender

Planting Time: In climate zones 6 and warmer, plant lavender outdoors in mid-fall — a few months of cooler winter weather will help get roots established. In colder zones (5 and below), plant out in spring after the last threat of frost.

Light: Lavender thrives in full sun and warm temps!

Soil: As a Mediterranean native, lavender appreciates full sun and grainy, well-drained soil that is neutral to slightly alkaline in pH. Lavender doesn't do well in heavy clay or overly nutrient-rich soil.

How to Care For Lavender

Watering: Lavender loves a good drink of water, but it does NOT do well in humid or consistently moist conditions. Let soil dry between waterings. Lavender is drought-tolerant once established.

Growth Habit: Lavender grows in a self-contained shrubby mound 1-3 feet in diameter depending on the variety. It does not require staking or other supports. 

Fertilizing: Lavender doesn't require any fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases: Overwatering and poor ventiliation are the main causes of lavender failure — root rot and powdery mildew are the main plant diseases to watch for. It's woody, fragrant leaves deter most wildlife.

End of Season Care: In colder zones (5 and below), lavender will need either a thick layer of mulch or other protective plant cover to survive the winter. In the early spring, cut the woody stems of older plants back by 1/3 to help encourage new growth and more flowers.

Interested in Growing Lavender Indoors?

Growing lavender indoors can be tricky, as plants need tons of light. Place pot in a sunny south window where it will receive as much light as possible, or even better — use an LED grow light. In low light, growth may become weak and spindly and the plant will cease flowering. Rotate the pot weekly for uniform growth.

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lavender and herbs growing under lights indoors
Keep your indoor lavender and herbs happy by placing them under LED grow lights.
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Last updated: 07/12/2023