Good Fences Make Good Gardens

After reading reviews of how our customers are using our Border Fence, we were inspired to share some of them with you. We're thrilled that our customers are finding the fence as decorative and useful as we do. Here are a few of the comments we've received:

  • "I use this fence to keep ducks, geese, and turtles out of plant beds adjacent to a pond." -- Ted, Lynn, MA
  • "I bought the 26" Border Fence and it keeps the dogs from trampling the flowers (although nothing stops the elk)." -- Cindy, Evergreen, CO
  • "I needed a short fence around our garden birdfeeder to keep our small dog out. He eats the spilled birdseed, which is mixed with bird waste and it makes him sick." -- "SteveD23," Los Altos, CA
  • "Just took [the fences] down after using them in our raised beds all summer. Kept our chickens out." -- "bean," Reno, NV
  • "If one needs a tall fence around their flower garden to keep their little jumping dog out, I can't imagine a prettier one. The decorative top edge makes it seem decorative rather than utilitarian. The birds love sitting on it too. ;-)" -- "Woodlily," CT

You'll find dozens of uses for border fences: as decorative garden edging, to support floppy flowers, to give vines a place to climb, to keep pets out of gardens.  

Dog sitting in front of a border fence
The Border Fence comes in three sizes. The 16", our lowest, marks the boundaries of the garden. Although he could easily jump this fence, this dog has been trained to recognize the garden as off-limits. Border fence supporting pink flowers from flopping
A section of Border Fence prevents flowers along a fence line from flopping onto the lawn, making mowing easier and keeping the bed tidy.
fence discourages neighborhood dogs from inadvertently damaging plants
The fence discourages neighborhood dogs from inadvertently damaging plants in the bed during their afternoon walks.
Wrapping a section of border fence around plants
Wrapping a section of border fence around plants that are prone to flopping, such as this tall sedum, keeps stems growing upright.
Fencing preventing flopping of yellow flowers
The fence is also handy for shoring up flowers, like this yarrow, that have already begun to flop over.
Border fence in a raised bed
Here, the Border Fence discourages pets from exploring the strawberries in a raised bed.
Tall fence to keep in chickens
The tallest Border Fence makes a decorative barrier to keep these laying hens in bounds. Border fence supporting Asparagus
As asparagus plants mature, the fronds are prone to flopping. The Border Fence holds them upright, off the lawn. Border fencing in a lawn
A section of fence discreetly protects a newly seeded patch of lawn from foot traffic. Border fencing for vining plants
Border Fences make attractive and easy-to-install supports for annual vines, such as sweet peas or this black-eyed susan vine (Thunbergia alata).


Last updated: 03/08/2024