Care of the Heather Plant

Heather Plant

Heather Plant

The Heather Plant (Erica quadrangularis) is native to South Africa. Its pink blossoms will cover the branches for several weeks as long as you provide the right care.

Place your plant where it receives bright but filtered light. Because it thrives best in high humidity, avoid dry, drafty locations. Increase the humidity by frequent misting with distilled water or by placing the plant on a tray of pebbles has been added. Temperatures of 40-65 degrees F are best and will extend the life of the flowers.

In mild climates — zone 9 and higher — your heather plant may be planted outdoors in partial sunlight.

Keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy; never allow the soil to become completely dry.

Apply water-soluble fertilizer for acid-loving plants every two or three weeks during the spring and summer.

If spider mites or other pests appear, simply mist the foliage with tepid water. If they persist, read about other controls for spider mites.

Note: This heather plant should not be eaten. While most plants are harmless, some contain toxins.

Last updated: 09/14/2023