Onion Leaf Blight

Onion leaf blightOnion leaves infected by this fungal disease develop white lesions surrounded by water-soaked halos. As the disease progresses, straw-colored slits may appear, and the leaves can collapse and present a ?blasted? appearance. Onion leaf blight also attacks garlic and other plants in the onion family. Older leaves are more susceptible to the disease than younger leaves.

Cool, wet weather or periods of high humidity favor development of the disease. Spores overwinter on onion bulbs and leaves left in the soil. Onion leaf blight is relatively common east of the Rockies.

Prevention and Control

  • Set up a four-year rotation of onion-family crops in your garden if space allows.
  • Avoid overfertilizing with nitrogen.
  • After harvest, remove all onion plant debris from the garden and destroy it.

Last updated: 03/13/2024