Build a Three Sisters Garden

This Native American planting technique is the epitome of companion planting. The Three Sisters--corn, bean and squash--help each other in various ways:

  • The corn provides support for the pole beans;
  • the beans add nitrogen to the soil which helps the corn grow;
  • the squash covers the ground, keeping the soil moist and minimizing weed growth;
  • And together, these three vegetables provide a nutritionally balanced meal!

Best of all, planting a Three Sisters Garden is simple:

  1. Create a mound of dirt about a foot high and 18 to 20 inches across. In the middle of each mound, sow 5 or 6 corn seeds in a circle. Sow the seeds about 1 inch deep and 6 inches apart.
  2. When the corn reaches 5 or 6 inches tall, plant 4 to 6 pole bean seeds around the corn. Next, plant 4 to 6 squash seeds about 12 inches from where you planted the beans.
  3. Water and fertilize the seeds when you plant them. As the beans begin to grow, train them to wrap around the corn.
  4. When harvest time comes...enjoy!

Last updated: 11/28/2022