Creating a More Private Garden

natural reed fence creates privacyThis dense-weave fence provides plenty of privacy and blends well with any garden setting.
  • There's nothing like a fence to create a private, outdoor room. If you don't want to invest in a wood fence, consider a semi-permanent fence made of bamboo, willow or reeds. Pre-made lattice panels can also be used.
  • Instead of a solid hedge of yews or cedars, consider a staggered planting of trees to filter the view without blocking it completely. You'll create a feeling of more space by borrowing part of the view beyond your yard. Evergreens are a good choice for hedges, but you can also use deciduous trees or shrubs, such as lilacs, which grow quickly and have fragrant springtime flowers.
  • Use trellises to create seasonal screens. Cover them with fast-growing flowering vines. Annuals, such as morning glories or cardinal climbers, are a great choice because they grow quickly. Use trellis netting for support over large areas. Simply attach it to sturdy posts.
  • Ornamental grasses—especially the taller varieties—can be used to create screens. Many will thrive in large containers.
  • Create a "hedge" of tall annuals; a dense planting of corn or sunflowers will do the trick.
  • A series of overflowing hanging baskets also adds privacy and beauty to any front porch.

Last updated: 12/12/2022

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