Houseplant Encyclopedia

  • How to Care for a Ponytail Palm
    With it's distinctive trunk and tousled grass-like leaves, the ponytail palm is immediately recognizable. Learn how to care for this carefree houseplant.
  • How to Care for a Pothos Plant
    Pothos is a popular trailing vine that looks good just about anywhere in your home! Learn how to care for the no-fuss pothos.
  • How To Grow and Care For Jade Plants
    With their cute, pillowy, succulent leaves and their low maintenance lifestyle, jade plants make excellent houseplants for all types of gardeners and plant parents.
  • How to Care For an Umbrella Tree
    Add a tree to your indoor garden or outdoor patio! With their unique canopy-like foliage, umbrella trees make a stunning addition.
  • How To Grow and Care For Snake Plants
    Brand new to the world of houseplants and not sure where to start? Consider the nearly no-maintenance snake plant!
  • How To Grow and Care For Spider Plants
    Known for its fountain-like foliage and resilient nature, the spider plant has been gracing our indoor gardens for a long time. Learn how to care for this graceful houseplant!
  • How to Care for a Calathea
    Vibrant foliage and a nontoxic nature? Yes please!
  • How to Care for Prayer Plants
    Nontoxic to pets and boasting beautiful, vivid foliage, the prayer plant is a popular addition to any (and all!) indoor gardens.
  • How To Grow Air Plants
    No soil? No problem.
  • How to Grow Orchids
    There are thousands of different orchid species, each adapted to a specific environment. Learn how to select and care for a variety that will thrive in your home.
  • How To Grow and Care For Monstera
    Turn your home into a lush Monstera haven! Learn how to water, propagate, and care for this tropical beauty.
  • How to Grow and Care For The ZZ Plant
    Resilient and adaptable, the ZZ plant is the perfect starter plant for new plant parents. Learn how to tend to this drought-tolerant houseplant.
  • How To Grow and Care For the Fiddle Leaf Fig
    Not sure how to grow this popular houseplant? Hint: you'll want to mimic its tropical native environment as much as possible.
  • How To Grow and Care For Kalanchoe
    While most houseplants are praised for their fab foliage, Kalanchoes (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) are known for their bold blooms in shades of red, orange, yellow, or pink. Learn how to care for these colorful plants!
  • How to Care For a Rubber Plant
    Move over Fiddle Leaf Fig — there is another Ficus in town, and it boasts some spectacular foliage!
  • How to Care for a Anthurium
    Heart-shaped foliage and unique blooms are hallmarks of these beautiful plants. Learn about Anthurium!
  • How to Grow African Violets
    These diminutive beauties will send out plenty of blooms if given the correct care.
  • How To Grow Bougainvillea Indoors
    Overwinter your bougainvillea plants in a sunny window, or just keep them indoors year-round as houseplants.
  • How To Grow and Care For Aloe Vera
    From sunlight to soil, unlock the key tips for growing healthy and resilient aloe vera in your own home. Read on and learn how to care for this spiky stunner.
  • How to Care for a Hoya Plant
    Hoyas boast gorgeously-scented flowers and leaves that come in just about every shape and size — learn how to care for these beautiful trailing tropical plants!
  • How To Grow and Care For a Money Tree
    Learn how to grow a little good fortune in your home! As a symbol of prosperity, the money tree is a wonderful addition to your indoor garden.
  • How to Care For a Ficus
    You haven't dug into houseplants without stumbling across at least one Ficus on your journey — learn how to care for these impressive trees indoors.
  • How to Care for Aglaonema
    Few plants rank higher on the "easy houseplant" list than the aglaonema! Learn more about this low maintenance, low light-tolerant houseplant.
  • How to Care for a Dracaena
    Nearly indestructible, and featuring funky foliage, dracaena are a houseplant must-have!
  • How to Care for Poinsettias
    Learn how to keep these vibrant holiday beauties healthy!
  • Care of the Christmas Cactus
    Tough and long-lived, Christmas cactus can be passed easily from one generation to the next, cheering the darkening autumn days with its vibrant blooms.
  • How to Care For Philodendrons
    With growing habits that range from elegant and vining, to bold and jungle-like, there is sure to be a philodendron that appeals to you!
  • How to Care For Weeping Figs
    This tropical tree takes a little work up front to dial in its preferred temperature and light levels. Once you’ve found the perfect position, you’ll have a happy weeping fig for years to come.
  • How to Grow Cyclamen
    Native to the eastern Mediterranean region, cyclamen naturally bloom in cool fall and winter temps, before going dormant in the summer.
  • How to Care for Peperomia Plants
    Petite and peppy Peperomias offer a huge array of leaf shapes, textures, colors, and growth habits, making them a must-have houseplant!
  • How to Grow and Care for Peace Lilies
    While not a true lily, the Peace Lily is still cherished for its elegant white blooms and air-purifying qualities. Learn more!
  • How to Care For a Bird's Nest Fern
    If you're looking for a truly funky little houseplant to add to a plant stand, bookshelf, or desk, the bird's nest fern is for you.
  • How to Care for Croton
    Crotons come in a kaleidoscope of colors ranging from green, yellow, red, orange, cream, pink, and purple. Learn how to grow this radiant plant in your home!
  • How to Grow and Care For Dieffenbachia
    These lush plants are sure to brighten up your home with their splashy green and white leaves. Learn how to care for dieffenbachia!
  • Caring For an Indoor Azalea
    Consistent moisture and cool temps are key to a happy, blooming indoor azalea.
  • How to Care For Boston Ferns
    Pet-safe and less fussy than many other ferns, Boston ferns are a houseplant classic.
  • Caring for a Wilson Olive Tree
    Slow-growing and. perfectly happy in dry conditions, the Wilson olive tree can make a lovely houseplant.
  • Care of the Heather Plant
    The Heather Plant (Erica quadrangularis) is an acid-loving plant that will reward you with pretty pink flowers if grown under the right care.
  • Caring For Ferns Indoors
    Not just for the landscape anymore! Admired for their graceful foliage and ability to grow in low light, ferns are fabulous houseplants.