Soil and Compost

  • Tip: Save Time With 'Sheet Composting'
    Put your fall leaves to work and build a new garden bed in the process!
  • How Water-Wise Techniques Transformed a Half-Acre Desert into a Lush Garden
    How water-wise techniques transformed a half-acre desert into a lush garden.
  • Classroom Composting
    World history, sustainability and vermiculture. It may sound like an unlikely combination, but to the students in Patty Brushett's history class, it makes perfect sense.
  • Worm Composting How-to
    All about creating compost with worms
  • Sand? Clay? Loam? What Type of Soil Do You Have?
    A "mudshake" is a simple yet effective way to determine if you have sandy soil, or clay, or loam.
  • All About Soils
    Watch our animated video with an overview of soil science and learn how to build healthy garden soil.
  • 7 Ways Every Gardener Can Combat Climate Change
    As a gardener, you can take a few simple steps—some of which, you’re likely already doing—to help the planet.
  • Out of the Trash Can and into the Pile
    With the increase in recycling and reuse programs, it's easier than ever to reduce the amount of trash in our garbage cans. But we can do more.
  • Potting Soil and Fertilizer Finder
    Learn how to choose the right potting soil and fertilizer for whatever you want to grow. Our exclusive garden-tested soils and fertilizers provide optimum growing conditions.
  • Compost Your Coffee Grounds
    Learn how to use coffee grounds in your compost bin.
  • Patrick Rump
    Meet Patrick Rump of San Francisco, Calif., winner of a Garden Crusader Award in the Restoration category.
  • Building Healthy Soil
    How to build fertile, healthy garden soil.
  • Secrets to Great Soil
    How to make sure your soil is rich in beneficial micro-organisms that keep plants thriving, pest-free and beautiful.
  • How to Make Compost Tea
    Compost tea, a potent, microbial elixir will invigorate your garden with beneficial microbes that will reduce disease problems, ward off pests, and boost plant vigor.
  • Watch: How the Dual-Batch Compost Tumbler works
    Batch composting is the fastest and most efficient way to produce high quality compost, and this dual bin tumbler makes it easy.
  • How to Choose a Composter
    This guide will help you choose the right composter for your situation.
  • Soil Regeneration
    At Gardener's Supply, we believe that healthy soils are the foundation for healthy gardens, healthy people, and a healthy planet.
  • Guillermo Vasquez
    Guillermo Vasquez Contaminated soil, poverty, pollution and acres of pavement are just a few of the many things that make it difficult to garden in a large city. In San Francisco, Guillermo Vasquez is helping hundreds of people overcome such obstacles by calling on a surprising source of knowledge: indigenous culture.
  • Sheet Mulching
    Sheet mulching - sometimes called "lasagna mulching" - converts grass to a nutrient-rich garden bed, ready for planting.
  • Super-Powered Soils
    We've harnessed the power of mycorrhizae in our new and improved potting mixes. For gardeners, this translates to healthier plants with up 35% higher yields compared to soil mixes without mycorrhizae.
  • Coir: A Better Way to Start Seeds
    Grow stronger seedlings, harvest bigger and earlier tomato crops and give yourself a green star for using a renewable resource. How Simply add coir to your growing repertoire.
  • Jumpstart Your Compost
    If you want to get compost in a hurry, there are a few things you can do to speed the process along.
  • Get "Rich" Quick with Batch Composting
    A get-rich-quick type of composting.
  • Put Fall Leaves to Work
    How to turn fall leaves into fuel for next year's garden.
  • Give Old Potting Soil New Life
    Yes, you can re-use the old soil in your pots, planters and raised beds. Just start the season with a special boost of fertilizer and nutrients to ensure good results.
  • Compost Troubleshooting Tips
    If your compost isn't cooking, review these tips to get things going again.
  • Making Leaf Mold
    Learn how to turn fall leaves into a soil-enriching mulch.
  • Fertilizer FAQs
    There are seemingly endless fertilizer options — and it can be very confusing to make the right choice. This FAQ helps sort it all out.
  • The Simple Truth About Composting:
    You know that compost is great for your garden. You even appreciate how composting kitchen scraps and yard waste reduces the amount of material going into the landfill.
  • Compost 101 - All About Composting
    Learn how to compost your kitchen and yard waste, using a compost bin, a pile or a composter.
  • Fertilizer Basics
    Well-fed plants are healthier, more productive and more beautiful. This article covers the basics of why and how to fertilize your garden.
  • Using Shredded Leaves
    How to make the most of one of nature's free soil builders.