Backyard Habitat

  • Pretty Poison: Wild Parsnip
    Discover the dangers of Wild Parsnip and protect yourself from its harmful effects. Learn how to spot it with our guide.
  • Take a Closer Look at Crows
    All spring and summer, our fields and gardens are crowded with busy songbirds flitting in and out of feeders, carrying bits of twig and string to their nests and filling the air with their bright songs. But as autumn brings frosty nights and lengthening shadows, the songbirds depart one by one, and the landscape belongs again to the crows.
  • Easy-Care Fruits: Currants, Mulberries and More
    Taste the sweet success of low-maintenance fruit trees. Discover easy-care fruits like currants, mulberries, gooseberries, and elderberries!
  • Water Features for Birds
    🐦 Enhance your backyard with serene water features for birds! Watch them flock to your garden and create a peaceful oasis 🌿.