Vegetable Gardening

  • We Are a Company of Gardeners
    Rooted in Vermont and 100 percent employee-owned
  • Our Manifesto
    Founded in 1983, Gardener's Supply is dedicated to planting seeds of knowledge and inspiration in the hearts of gardeners everywhere.
  • How We Grew Our Business
    We began with a mission that's exactly the same today as it was 35 years ago: To spread the joys and rewards of gardening, because gardening nourishes the body, elevates the spirit, builds community, and makes the world a better place.
  • Video: Why I Garden
    Back in 2009, Gardener's Supply challenged staff members to come up with a video to answer the question: Why do you garden? We feel this video is one of the best.
  • Our Backyard: The Intervale
    Our Burlington, VT, headquarters are at the edge of a 700-acre floodplain known as "the Intervale". This "backyard" is a combination of farmland, forest and wetlands that's been under cultivation for centuries, going back to 3000 BC, when small groups of Native Americans camped in the area to take advantage of seasonally available resources.
  • A Personal Approach to Service
    Every catalog company has a call center: a bank of telephone operators waiting to take your order. The call center may be located at the company's offices, but often it's outsourced to another company, and might even be located in another country.
  • Our Winter-Weary Flash Mob Parodies Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'
    Sick of snow? "Shake it off" with with our parody video.