Vegetable Gardening

  • Perpetual Calendar
    How to use the Perpetual Calendar.
  • Caring for a Wilson Olive Tree
    The Wilson olive tree is a slow-growing variety with a decorative braided trunk. It can grow in a container for many years.
  • How to Assemble the Whitewash Birdhouse
    Note: To prevent the slate from cracking, do not over-tighten the screws.
  • Care of the Heather Plant
    Heather Plant The Heather Plant ( Erica quadrangularis ) is native to South Africa. Its pink blossoms will cover the branches for several weeks as long as you provide the right care.
  • Create this Look: Amalfi Planters
    To create this look we did this and this and more. It's interesting to see how a foot or two of snowfall will change the look of your garden.
  • Specifications: Grow House
    Lumber for vents and door frame is included in Grow House package. We suggest that you buy (or have available) four or five extra 2 x 4 x 8's to use as braces during the assembly.