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Watch: Adjustable Z-Ring Stem Supports

Single-Stem, Height-Adjustable Z-Ring Supports

Ingenious Adjustable Z-Rings provide anytime support for tall stems. With Z-Ring supports, it's never too late to support your flowers! You can install Z-Ring Stem Supports in spring when plants are small and raise the Z-Rings as stems grow. Or, you can use them to prop up mature plants by slipping the Z-Rings around individual stems before inserting the stakes into the soil. You get six 30" stakes, each with one 4" diameter Z-Ring, to support single stems. For extra-tall flowers like delphiniums and hollyhocks, you can use the included couplings to stack two stakes to create a 5' support. Made from heavy-duty, 1/4" powder-coated steel stock. Additional Z-Rings, sold separately, may be added to further customize your supports.

Last updated: 7/26/19

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