How To Build a Cedar Raised Bed


Handsome, Long-Lasting Cedar Raised Beds (at Factory-Direct Prices!)

Our Vermont-made Cedar Raised Beds are easy to set up, plant and maintain, producing high yields in a compact space with less digging and weeding. They are made in several sizes, so you can find just the right bed for your needs. Use raised beds to grow vegetables, or install them along a perimeter to create stunning border gardens.

Why Grow in a Raised Bed?

1. Longer growing season. Compared to in-ground beds, raised bed soil warms AND drains faster in the spring, so gardeners get a few extra weeks of growing.

2. Better soil. It's easy to amend the soil to meet your particular growing needs.

3. Bigger harvests. Intensive planting and vertical supports lead to a more productive garden.

4. No competition. A defined growing space means weeds, pets, and kids stay out of the garden!

5. Healthier soil. Since it's not being compacted by foot traffic, soil stays fluffy and aerated.

6. Easy access. Elevated raised beds and planters bring the garden right up to you; no bending needed. 

7. Garden anywhere. The HUGE range of raised bed materials, styles, and sizes means you can grow anywhere — over heavy clay soils, in front of the ugly fence, or right on the deck.

8. Plant protection. Row fabrics, covers, and cloches protect your plants from pests and weather, and are incredibly easy to install on a raised bed.


Need Help Choosing a Raised Bed? Visit our Raised Bed Buying Guide

Last updated: 07/13/2023