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Introducing U-Gardens

Vermont-crafted raised beds are ready to roll and built to last

Butcher-block cedar sides and lifetime aluminum corners make our new U-Gardens handsome and durable; wheels make them mobile. Both styles have 48" L x 241/2" W x 14" deep boxes, hold 200 quarts of potting soil, and come with a FREE planting guide. The U-Garden Watering System, sold separately, fits both models; install it before filling with soil.

The Elevated Rolling U-Garden

The Elevated Rolling U-Garden is 31" high, so it's easy to plant and tend without bending or kneeling. 16" semipneumatic wheels and a sturdy handle let you roll it over almost any terrain.

The Rolling U-Garden

The Rolling U-Garden has rugged 3" casters so you can roll it on your patio or deck. 18" H overall.

U-Garden Watering System

Install this watering system prior to filling your U-Garden with planting mix and you'll need to water your plants less often. In our test gardens we watered 60% less often, compared to a U-Garden without the watering system. The 5-gallon reservoir helps plants get a steady supply of water through contact with the soil, as well as through evaporation. When it's time to fill the reservoir, attach your garden hose and in just a few minutes the soaker hose fills the reservoir. The reservoir also captures and stores rainwater, while allowing excess water to drain. Fits both the Rolling U-Garden and Elevated Rolling U-Garden.

Last updated: 4/1/19

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