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Swan-Neck Hoe

Like the name implies, the Swan-Neck Hoe has a long, curving neck which sets the blade at a sharp angle from the handle. This means you can work standing straight and upright. Hold the handle with both thumbs pointing up (see illustration). This will keep you upright in addition to keeping the blade parallel to the soil surface. Draw the blade toward you, skimming through the soil just 1" below the surface. With the blade parallel to the ground, it will easily slice weeds from their roots. By using the corners of the blade, you can safely weed close to plants and in tight places. Use your wrist to maneuver the hoe between plants.

The Swan-Neck Hoe is hand-forged from carbon steel. It's easy to sharpen and holds an edge for a long time. Before storing your hoe at the end of the growing season, sharpen the edge using a file and lightweight petroleum or vegetable oil.

The hardwood handle is predrilled so assembly will take only a few minutes. Line up the holes on the tool head and handle. (You may need to firmly tap the hoe head onto the handle to align the holes.) Insert the bolt with washer and tighten with the self-locking nut.

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