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Green Up Your Home with Easy-Care Terrariums

Fun to plant and simple to maintain, terrariums are a stylish start for a tabletop oasis. Create a serene woodland setting, display miniature tropicals or design a delightful fairy garden using plants, curios and found objects, such as pebbles and sea glass.

"Glass and Wood Terrariums have wooden bases and ball tops. The Glass Oval Top Terrarium has an oversized opening that makes it especially easy to maintain.
 A variety of tillandsias (air plants) creates a fascinating sculptural arrangement in this Glass Oval Top Terrarium.
 Simply arrange the tillandsias in the terrarium — no soil, no planting needed. Display in bright, indirect light. About once a week, remove the plants, submerge them in lukewarm water for a few minutes, drain, and place them back into the terrarium.
 Choosing plants with diverse shapes, colors and textures adds visual interest in this Small Glass and Wood Terrarium.
 Plants include bird's nest fern (asplenium), Mini White fittonia (nerve plant), oak sedge (Carex pennsylvanica), variegated Asian jasmine and sheet moss.
 Combine plants with similar moisture requirements. The succulents in this Glass Oval Top Terrarium prefer relatively dry conditions and will thrive with minimal care.
 Plants include kalanchoe, sansevieria, zebra plant (haworthia) and crassula.
 Foliage in a range of contrasting hues brings this Large Glass and Wood Terrarium to life.
 Plants include Mini Red Vein fittonia (nerve plant), Carex pennsylvanica and club moss (Selanginella)
 This Terrarium Kit includes a 10-inch recycled glass globe with lid, charcoal, planting mix, terrarium soil, moss, gravel and stones. Just add your own plants and accents!
 This terrarium features an ephiphyte, also known as an “air plant.”
 Terrariums can be quite small.
 A Ball jar terrarium
 Don't be afraid to overstuff your terrarium.
 Tiny succulents make fine terrarium plants.

Last updated: 01/28/2021