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Slideshow: Garlic Press and Slicer

To make garlic slices, separate one head of garlic into cloves. Place a peeled clove into the slicing chamber, trimming large cloves to fit. You can slice into rounds or rectangles, depending how you orient the clove in the chamber. Squeeze the handles together to push the clove through the slicing blades and out the bottom of the Garlic Press. Garlic slices are ready to sauté, add to soup, top a pizza or place into a food dehydrator for drying. To mince garlic, put peeled cloves into the mincing chamber and squeeze. Use the cleaning tool to remove garlic from the slicing press and mincing chamber. The tool stores right in the Garlic Press handle so it can't get lost.

How it Works

Simple and effective, this dual-chamber Garlic Press and Slicer gives you two options — mince or slice — and comes with a handy tool that makes clean-up easy. Photos: Ann Whitman

Last updated: 10/24/15