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Random Acts of Gardening

Product Designer working on Vertex Trellis

Noticing that certain areas in our hometown looked depressing rather than hopeful, our employee-owners figured there was none better to change that than Gardener's Supply!

So, in the wee hours of a July morning, we planted up a score of pots with colorful flowers, loaded them into our '48 lime green Chevy pickup, and drove around town — dropping the containers in places that needed brightening.

Gardener's Supply Truck with Random Acts of Gardening

In a flash, our Random Acts of Gardening movement was born! Each year we gleefully plan our next 'sneak attack of beautification' and hope that other communities follow suit. Today, we 'target' non-profit organizations who are so busy tending to the needs of their constituents, that taking on one more task (or doing anything for themselves) just isn't possible. Dropping a lovingly planted container at their door is our way of saying "thank you, what you do for our community matters!"

Product Designer working on Vertex Trellis
Brightening the main entrance of the Burlington Boys & Girls Club

Last updated: 6/10/19