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Raised Bed Tunnel

The Raised Bed Tunnel is designed for a 3'x6' raised bed and provides ample headroom for tall plants. The All-Purpose Fabric transmits 80% of sunlight while protecting your plants from cold down to 28 degrees F.

The Raised Bed Tunnel can be used as a cold frame early and late in the season and can protect your plants from pests and other unwanted "guests" such as deer and rabbits. It can also be used as a method to encourage ladybugs and other beneficials you release into the garden to stay put.

Assembly Instructions
The Raised Bed Tunnel includes the following components:
(2) 14' Poles
(3) 39" Crossbars
(1) All-Purpose Fabric, 12' x 14'
(25) Fabric Clips
(15) Earth Staples

Step 1. Starting at one end of the raised bed, insert the end of each 14' pole into the soil in the two corners of the bed. Bend the poles so that they extend along the 6' length of the bed and insert the ends into the soil.

Step 2. Connect each end of the 39" Crossbars to each 14' Pole, extending them across the 3' width of the bed.

For best results, connect two Crossbar about 12" from the ground, one on each side of the bed. Connect the third Crossbar to the Poles at the top.

Step 3. Drape the All-Purpose Fabric over the hoops and pull taut so that the edges of the fabric reach the ground. Use Fabric Clips to secure the fabric to the Poles and the Earth Staples to secure the edges of the fabric to the ground. Secure the edges of the fabric inside or outside the bed, whichever you prefer.

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