Gardening in Raised Beds: Four Tips for Success

Once you've selected, assembled, and placed your new raised bed, it's time to get gardening!

In this 4-part video, our friend and gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi explains how to make the most of your raised bed garden:

1. Healthy soil as the foundation for success

  • Ideal soil blends
  • How to choose compost

2. Planting schemes:

  • Seed rows, broadcast seeding, and succession planting
  • Gardening with transplants
  • Interplanting

3. Watering, fertilizing, and mulching

  • How much and how often
  • Automated, water-saving irrigation systems

4. Protecting plants from weather and pests

  • Cloches and covers
  • Fences and barriers

Last updated: 02/13/2023