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Professional Weed Mat

3' x 50'

This tear-proof mat blocks grass and weeds in garden pathways and between rows, while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through to plant roots.

It's made of the same heavy-duty polypropylene used by nurseries and professional landscapers, so you can walk on it, drag containers over it and even run a wheelbarrow across it without worry.

The Professional Weed Mat can be left in place for years or taken up at the end of the season and used again the following year.

1. Prepare the ground by removing weeds and rocks and raking it smooth.

2. Unroll the weed mat to the desired length and cut it using scissors.

3. Use rocks, soil or our Earth Staples to hold the fabric in place.

4. When laying strips of the mat next to each other, overlap the edges of the material at least 6" to prevent weeds from growing between the sections.

5. If using the weed mat to cover perennial beds, cover the mat with a 2" to 3" layer of mulch . This will help protect the mat from sunlight and extend its years of use in the garden.

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