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Planting Line Reel

Our wrought iron Planting Line Reel keeps your string taut, making it easy to plant straight, even rows. It can also be used to mark off new beds or pathways. The handle on top allows fast winding and the anchor pin at the base keeps the reel in place when it's pushed into the soil. The solid iron stake anchors your line at the far end of the row. The 12" height is handy for measuring seed or plant placement.

Tie one end of a string or twine to the stake inside the reel, then use the handle to wind the string onto the reel. Once the reel is full, tie the loose end of the string to the loop on top of the separate stake. To mark straight rows, place the separate stake at one end and walk to the other end of the row. When you have the string laid out where you want it with the desired tension, push the reel into the soil until the pin is anchored. When you are through, pull the reel out of the soil and wind up the string.

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