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Made in the USA

Where our products are made — and why


Some of our Made-in-Vermont Products

Raised Bed Corners

Raised Bed Corners make it easy to build customized beds with your own lumber.

Garden Cart

Use our durable Garden Carts for all of your gardening chores.

Grow Lights

Our series of Grow Lights is available in many configurations, from tabletop to freestanding.

FROM time to time, a customer will ask us why more of our products aren't made in the United States. The fact is, we try to buy from producers and manufacturers here in the U.S., and we get more of our products from the U.S. than any other country.

GSC has a long history of searching the world for the best in innovative gardening solutions and related products. This tradition dates back to our founder Will Raap, who imported some of our first gardening innovations from England. In 2010, we imported from 14 different countries, from Canada to Costa Rica, and from Asia to India to Europe, looking for innovation, good quality, good service and a competitive price.

Many of our bestsellers, such as Garden Carts, Raised Bed Corners, Forever Raised Beds, are made at our factory here in Vermont. It would be far easier to source everything in the U.S. if we could, but the reality is that often our requirements cannot be met within the U.S. It is frequently not possible to find U.S.-made goods that fit customer expectations of quality and service. Just because an item is made in the U.S. doesn’t mean customers will buy it. What's more, we have to find products that are produced at a price that our customers feel is a good value. Some entire product categories simply are hardly made in the U.S. at all, and many factories that claim "Made in America" often use parts that are from other countries. All these reasons are why we find and manufacture products all over the world.

We do show our commitment to the U.S. in other ways. For example, when you contact us by phone, chat or e-mail, you are talking to a gardener in Vermont, where our customer service center has been located since the day we opened in 1984. And our company is 100% owned broadly by our employees.

Do you know of a great U.S.-made gardening product that you think we should consider selling? Tell us about it by e-mail.

Last updated: 11/10/17

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