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Italian Tomato Press

Our Italian Tomato Press is as easy to assemble as it is to use.


  1. Drop the white plastic cylinder with blades into the press. The opening on the side of the cylinder should be facing the tunnel where the handle is inserted. Screw the handle onto the press.
  2. Place the white discharge funnel underneath the screen and push the tab firmly into place. The funnel is angled so your tomato sauce will pour out into a container.

Using Your Tomato Press
Set the Tomato Press on a washable surface (formica, tile, etc.) and pull the lever at the base of the press downward. You can moisten the rubber base for better suction if you wish.

Place quartered, well-washed tomatoes (raw or blanched) into the hopper. You’ll need one container to catch the tomato puree and another to catch the seeds and skin. You can use the fresh puree in sauces or soups, freeze it, or process it in jars following usual canning instructions.

Cleaning and Reassembling
After you have finished processing your foods, the Tomato Press is easy to take apart and clean. Simply unscrew the handle and remove the white cylinder. To remove the blades from the cylinder, hold it firmly along the smooth surface with the threaded opening facing your palm. With your other hand, slide the blades out of the cylinder. This will also remove the cap.

If you decide to disassemble your Tomato Press for cleaning, the following instructions will help you put all of the pieces back together.

Your Tomato Press has the following parts:

  • Handle
  • Tomato Press Body
  • White Cylinder
  • Blades (2)
  • Spring
  • White Discharge Funnel
  1. The two blades fit into each other to make one piece.
  2. Insert the springs onto the leg of one of the blades. Slide the other blade in place. The blades should spring back easily when you squeeze them together.
  3. Squeeze the blades together to insert the blade unit into the slots of the white cylinder.
  4. Press the round end of the cylinder back into place.
  5. Drop the cylinder into the press with the threaded hole facing the tunnel where the handle goes in.
  6. Screw in the handle.
  7. Place the white discharge funnel underneath the screen, and push it firmly into place.