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Instructions for the Easy-Up Tomato Trellis

Use the 38" high Easy Up Tomato Trellis to support determinate tomato varieties. Determinate tomatoes tend to grow shorter and more compactly and ripen most of their fruit in a short period of time. Choose the 66" high Easy Up Tall Tomato Trellis for indeterminate tomatoes. which continue to grow taller and produce fruit until stopped by frost.


For best results, install the trellis before planting your tomatoes.

Step 1. Unfold the Easy Up Tomato Trellis or bottom half of the Easy Up Tall Tomato Trellis. Note: the tall trellis comes in two parts. The lower part has legs for staking it into the ground and receptacles for attaching the upper part. Form a zigzag pattern with approximately 90-degree angles between each panel.

Step 2. Place the zigzag trellis over your prepared garden bed and push the legs firmly into the ground. Attach the top half of the tall trellis by slipping the legs into the receptacles on the lower half.

Step 3. Important: Anchor the trellis securely to prevent it from toppling in the wind. We recommend using stout stakes at either end, plus one in the middle.

Step 4. Plant your tomatoes on one side of the trellis only, putting one in each corner of the zigzag. This planting arrangement makes harvesting easier and allows each plant to mature without crowding. As the plants grow, weave them through the grids to provide support.

Last updated: 10/24/15