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Brass Quick-Connect Set

Quick-Connect sets
The Quick-Connect Set converts standard hose ends into quick-connect ends so you can easily connect or disconnect the hose and change nozzles without having to turn off the water. See the illustrations below for a description of each connector.

We also offer a set of six male brass adapters (sold separately, item #32-631). One end of the male adapter threads into a hose and the other end pushes into a quick connect, giving the quick-connect feature to all your favorite watering tools.

How to use Brass Quick Connects
Step 1. Attach a standard garden hose to a water faucet using the brass connectors. Begin by screwing the female-threaded Brass Adapter onto the faucet threads.

Step 2. Screw the Brass Connector into the female end of the hose.

Step 3. Pull back the sleeve of the Brass Connector, then push the Connector (with hose attached) onto the Brass Adapter and release the sleeve.

Step 4. On the opposite end of the hose, screw the female Brass Connector with Water Stop onto the male hose threads.

Step 5. Pull back the water-stop sleeve. Insert the adapter end of the Nozzle into the connector, then release the sleeve.

Step 6. Make sure all the connections are secure, then turn on the water. Simply twist the swivel chamber on the Brass Nozzle to adjust the spray.

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