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Instructions for the Bottle Tree

The Bottle Tree is a glass sculpture that you design. You will need 16 one-liter (or smaller) bottles to fill the Bottle Tree.


Step 1. Locate an area protected from high winds and away from children's play areas. If you are in a windy area or have sandy soil, we recommend setting the stake into the ground with concrete.

Step 2. Join the two footed stakes by placing the top stake over the bolt of the bottom stake.

Step 3. Thread the footed stake to the bottom pole, then thread on the top pole and tighten.

Step 4. Adjust the wires on the pole so that they splay no more than 20 degrees from the center.

Step 5. Place a bottle on each wire and arrange the colors as you like, making sure to place the heavier bottles on the bottom wires. This will keep most of the weight concentrated at the bottom of the tree so it is more stable.

Note: The rusty finish of the stake is intentional. It will continue to oxidize over time. Remove the bottles during freezing temperatures to keep the glass from cracking.

Last updated: 10/24/15