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Helix Flower Support Assembly Instructions

Parts Included
* Support Stakes 48" (2)
* Flexible Rings (4)
* Push Nuts

Step 1. Push the Support Stake into the ground near the plant stem(s), making sure the stake is stable.

Step 2. Before you insert the rings into the stake, determine the height and diameter required for the Flexible Rings to best support your plants. You may need to rotate the Support Stake to line up the holes in the stake with the ends of the rings.

Step 3. Insert the end of the first ring through a hole in the Support Stake and out the other side of the stake.

Step 4. Take the other end of the ring, bring it to the opposite side of the stake, skip at least one hole and insert it into the stake as shown. For best support, place the ends of the Ring at least 3-3/4" apart. Adjust the diameter of the ring by pushing the ring ends further into or out of the stake. (The minimum ring diameter you can obtain is approximately 8". The maximum diameter is approximately 12".)

Secure both ends of the ring with a Push Nut. The Push Nuts are optional but we recommend you use them if your flowers are especially heavy or located in a windy area. Simply twist off the Nut to adjust the rings during the growing season or to disassemble the Helix Flower Support for storage.

Step 5. Follow Steps 1 through 4 to attach more rings to the Support Stake. Adjust the rings to support various growth patterns of flowers, herbs or ornamental grasses. As you experiment, keep in mind that proper tension is required to keep the rings from flopping over. Skip at least one hole when inserting the ends of the rings into the Support Stake.

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