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Heirloom Tomato Sampler

These healthy, heirloom tomato transplants are ready to plant and grow delicious fruits with incredible tastes of the past.

Varieties included:
'Brandywine' is a plump, hearty tomato with pinkish red flesh whose sweet, mild flavor has been long considered one of the tastiest. Indeterminate.

'Marvel Stripe' produces large yellow-orange fruits streaked with ruby red which have a sweet, fruity taste. Large harvests on vigorous vines. Indeterminate.

'Green Zebra' gets its name from the dark green stripes that streak its greenish-yellow skin. Its green flesh is both tart and sweet. Indeterminate.

'Caspian Pink' produces beautiful pink colored fruits just the perfect size for slicing. Indeterminate.

'German Johnson' produces large pink fruits with yellow shoulders. They have great flavor and yield. Indeterminate.

'Principe Borghese' is an Italian variety that produces small paste tomatoes that are ideal for drying. Determinate.

Upon Arrival
Take the plants out of the shipping box and remove the packing material. Check the soil for moisture. Water the pots if the soil is dry by setting the pots in a pan of water for 30 minutes and allowing them to drain.

Harden off plants before planting. The seedlings must be acclimated to their new location before you plant them in the ground. Do this by placing them outside for a few hours each day for 1 to 2 weeks, gradually increasing their exposure to sunlight and wind.

On the first day, place them outside in a partly sunny location away from damaging winds for a just a few hours.

Continue to set your seedlings in the sun, extending their time outside a little more each day. Make sure to bring them indoors in the afternoon or evening. After hardening off, your tomato plants will be ready for planting.

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