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Guide to Natural Lawn Care

Organic lawn care
It's easier than you may expect to have a beautiful lawn without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Start by choosing the right tools, fertilizers and pest controls for lawn care .

Gardener's Supply has been promoting the benefits of natural lawn care for more than 25 years. We know from experience that you don't need chemicals to have a lush, green lawn. In most cases, a healthy, organic lawn is actually far easier and less expensive to maintain.

With environmental concerns of increasing importance, we recently helped establish a new, nationwide initiative called Safe Lawns. This coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations is working to promote natural lawn care alternatives, including organic fertilizers and herbicides and biological pest controls, as well as water conservation, environmentally-friendly turf grasses and energy-efficient tools. To learn how your lawn can be part of the solution, we encourage you to read some of the articles listed below, and to also visit the Safe Lawns web site.

Last updated: 10/24/15