Grow Camp FAQs

Grow Camp with Extension

The Grow Camp can be set up on a hard surface, as shown, or on any piece of level ground.

Does the Grow Camp have a base or "floor"?
No. This means you can place the bed on hard surfaces or soil. To prevent soil loss on irregular surfaces, line the bottom of the bed with landscape fabric before adding soil.

Can the GrowCamp be placed in a windy site?
Yes. The tent is designed to hold up in high winds.

Can a Grow Camp be left outdoors in winter?
Yes. Although the superstructure and the tent parts can withstand cold and snow, they will last longer if you store them indoors for the winter.

How much soil do I need?
Each Grow Camp holds about 24 cubic feet (0.86 cubic yards) of soil. Each additional extension holds the same amount. You can buy soil in bulk at a garden center or buy bagged soil (about 36, 20-quart bags).

We recommend a blend of topsoil, compost and a soilless growing medium (potting soil) that contains peat moss, perlite and/or vermiculite. This will ensure a loose, moisture-retentive growing area.

Can I just fill the Grow Camp with soil from my garden?
No. Do not use soil from your garden because it is not likely to drain well. Though it might sound like a good idea, don't fill the Grow Camp with pure compost, which is too rich and won't provide the soil structure for good root growth.

Some garden centers offer "raised bed mix" in bulk, which is a good choice for the Grow Camp. If you do not have access to quality soil, use a 50-50 blend of compost and some type of potting soil that contains peat moss, perlite and/or vermiculite.

Do I need to fertilize my plants?
We recommend adding a granular organic fertilizer, such as All-Purpose Fertilizer, at planting time. Use 1-2 cups for each bed: sprinkle it on the surface and scratch it into the soil. In subsequent years, we recommend using the Raised Bed Booster Kit, a good way to recharge your garden.

I have problems with slugs and snails. Will the Grow Camp keep them out?
The high, smooth sides of the bed will deter most slugs and snails. The netting provides protection as well. For added protection, line the bed with Copper Slug Tape.

Can I grow strawberries in the Grow Camp?
Yes. Just remember to open the covering when strawberries flower so bees can pollinate the blooms and ensure good fruiting.

What is the best time of the year to set up the raised bed?
The Grow Camp can be set up at any time of year.

Can an extension be attached to an existing Grow Camp?
Yes, but you have to remove soil from the original bed so you can take off the end gable and attach the extension.

Last updated: 01/05/2023