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The Solution to Climate Change
is Right in Your Own Garden!

Global warming
Planting a tree in your backyard is one way you can help fight global warming.

Most gardeners are well aware that our planet's climate is changing. A longer growing season might sound like a good thing, but climate change also creates lots of problems for gardeners: hotter, drier summers; more severe winter storms; more destructive winds, flooding; and new pests and diseases.

It's easy to feel powerless about a global issue like climate change. Yet more than 90 million U.S. households tend a yard or garden, and every one of us can help. If each homeowner were to plant one shade tree, those trees would absorb 2,250,000 tons of CO2 every year! If we all reduced the amount of lawn we mow by 50%, we'd save 400 million gallons of gasoline each year.

The Gardener's Guide to Global Warming

Our friends at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) have released an excellent publication called The Gardener's Guide to Global Warming. Download a copy in PDF format.

One of the National Wildlife Federation's most far-reaching initiatives is their backyard certification program. To date, NWF has certified more than 90,000 backyards as wildlife-friendly habitats that provide food, water, shelter and places for wildlife to raise their young. Gardener's Supply has teamed up with NWF to help them reach their new goal of 100,000 certified backyards. Getting your backyard certified is surprisingly easy, and it's a fun way to get your family, friends and neighbors engaged in habitat restoration. Read how to get your backyard certified.

To learn more about the National Wildlife Federation's commitment to reducing global climate change, please visit the NWF web site.

There are hundreds of articles about earth-friendly, climate-friendly gardening in the Learning section of our web site. Here's three of special interest:

Last updated: 7/9/19