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It's About Bloomin' Time!

Finally, hard-working, easy-wearing clothing designed by Gardener's for gardeners

It's About Bloomin' Time: New Gardening Clothing

It's time to eliminate "wardrobe malfunctions" with clothing that lets you garden in comfort and confidence.

HAVE you ever cut short your time in the garden because of ill-fitting clothing that binds and constricts, or found yourself repeatedly tugging at shirttails and waistbands to maintain a modicum of modesty?

Garden Apparel

See our full line of garden clothing, including sun hats, rain hats and stylish, versatile bandanas.

I recall tending my front border garden one steamy-hot afternoon last summer. I was forced into ridiculous contortions while bending and reaching to prevent overexposing myself to motorists passing by — and to the state trooper parked 20 feet away, scanning for speeders. Instead of savoring my time in the garden, I was worried about wardrobe malfunctions. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce our new line of garden wear!

Designed by Gardener's for gardeners, this apparel incorporates smart features for comfort, coverage, durability and convenience. With flattering fit and easy-wearing fabrics, these will become your go-to clothes for gardening as well as walking the dog, visiting with neighbors or going to the farmer's market. Finally, back-yard functionality meets front-yard style!

Zephyr Shirt and Best Buds Shorts

Our new gardening shirts have longer tails and shorts are cut a little higher in back for gap-free coverage when kneeling, bending and reaching.

From Drawing Board to Garden-Ready

We designed each piece of clothing from scratch with all the gardener-friendly features you've been looking for. Enjoy the confidence of doing what you love, knowing you look as good as you feel.

Best Buds Garden Vest

The Best Buds Garden Vest is lightweight, so it won't slow you down, and holds plenty of supplies so your hands are free for planting, tending and harvesting. There's a pocket in back for your water bottle, a loop in front for your gloves, and a wind snap to prevent flapping.

Zephyr Shirt: Breezy Comfort and SPF 50 Sun Protection

Chase away the early morning chill by wearing the Zephyr Shirt over a tank or tee. The lightweight CoolWorx fabric floats over skin and never feels clingy or soggy, even on steamy days. Plus, it wicks moisture and provides generous SPF 50 sun protection. Summery colors and classic style will make this your favorite everyday top.

Zephyr Summer Shirt

Best Buds Bottoms — Work So Smart, Feel So Good

We named our new pants, shorts and skort "Best Buds" because that's what you'll call them the very first time you slip them on. They're made with light-but-sturdy cotton fabric that's been brushed to a peach-fuzz finish. The Dry-Flex waistband is lined with moisture-wicking fabric, with a touch of elastic in back and a drawstring so you can customize the fit. The pants and shorts have plenty of pockets and a squat gusset for no-bulk bending. The easy-wearing skort combines the best features of skirts and shorts — freedom of movement and flattering style, plus hidden mesh shorts that keep you covered while bending and reaching.

Best Buds Garden Shorts
Perennial Favorite Tee and Perennial Favorite Tank

Perennial Favorite 3/4 Sleeve Tee, left and Perennial Favorite Tank, right, are comfortably flattering, combining a feminine shape, plenty of coverage and garden-fresh colors.

Puddle-Proof Field Bag and Bloomin Smart Tool Belt

The Puddle-Proof Field Bag, left, has a waterproof bottom so you can set it on dewy grass and moist garden soil. The individual pockets on the Bloomin' Smart Tool Belt, right, slide on and off so you can carry as much (or as little) as you need.

Petal Pusher Knit Capris and Dirt Dodger Apron

Petal Pusher Capris, left, offer all the comfort of your favorite sweatpants but are more flattering and functional. The Dirt Dodger Apron, right, is perfect for a quick trip to the vegetable patch or a whole day in the garden.