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Garden Activist
Growing tomatoes and tending a flower garden may seem like just a hobby. But as gardeners, we are also a powerful force for change. As we dig, plant, weed and harvest, we are producing food for our family and friends; creating backyard refuges for butterflies, birds and insects; cultivating community; beautifying our neighborhoods; recycling yard waste into compost; conserving water, and reducing soil erosion.


Garden Crusaders
The Garden Crusader Awards were created by Gardener's Supply in 2001 to honor individuals who are improving the world through gardening. These enthusiastic men and women are planting trees and flowers, growing food, creating new green spaces, and teaching their friends and neighbors about the rewards of gardening.


Backyard Biodiversity

Organic Gardening

Community Action

Brenda Brodie Brenda Brodie is a 2007 Garden Crusader Award winnner in the Education category.