Create a Garden Path

before and after garden path Before & After Garden Path Project Photo: Susan Romanoff

Over the years, my backyard has evolved from lots of lawn to extensive gardens. This has led my dogs, Archie and Aggie, to create their own racetrack through the garden beds. I decided to stop complaining about the trampled plants and consider it a helpful suggestion to create an intentional path through the garden.

landscape before installing a path

Above is the well-worn area that shows promise for a real garden path.


I start by clearing out the plants I don't intend to keep (weeds). My handy 11-gallon Tubtrug makes the job easier.

Weeded garden

Once the weeds are removed, the path begins to take shape—and not just in my mind!

Edging tools

I collect the few materials and tools I need: Pro Weed Mat, Pound-in Edging, Earth Staples, scissors, and a Rubber Mallet.

Weed fabric

I roll the Pro Weed Mat along the path, cutting a separate section to create a curve in the path.

Landscape staples

I secure the ends of the Weed Mat with Earth Staples, which prevents shifting of the mat as I work. It also holds the mat in place as Archie and Aggie resume their romps through the garden


Using a rubber mallet, I tap 8" Pound-in-Edging along the leading edge and the sides of the path. This will block weeds, and help contain the wood chips I will use for the path.

Edging a path

Edging in progress. At left, the path is edged with Pound-In Edging on all sides.

Wood chips

I use Tip Bags to transport wood chips.

Wood chip path

Aggie contemplates the new path.

Garden edging

Some finishing touches to the surrounding garden beds.

New path

A little help from Archie.

The finished path

Here is the finished path and garden edge. It seemed like a very good excuse to plant more flowers!

Last updated: 03/07/2024