How To Prevent Garden Diseases

Don't let disease drag your garden down!

There's nothing more demoralizing than having your garden ravaged by disease. Some can decimate your garden overnight! In this video our friend and gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi describes how to prevent several common plant diseases, and what to do if they do pop up in your garden.

Top Tips for Preventing Disease in Your Garden

Plant disease-resistant varieties:  No plant will be completely disease-free. But some varieties have been bred to withstand extreme temperatures, drought, frost, and yes, some diseases too.

Maintain good airflow: Use plant supports or trellises to keep leaves and stems off the ground and off each other. Stagnant conditions are perfect conditions for diseases to spread — just like people, plants need fresh air!

Water smart: Continuously wet, humid plants can lead to fungal diseases. Try using drip irrigation or soaker hoses to get water directly into the ground where plants need it most, and avoid splashing leaves.

Soil health is garden wealth: Fertile, well-drained soil chock full of organic matter will yield strong plants that can naturally withstand diseases. Apply a healthy dose of compost to your garden bed each season, and be sure to top off your soil with a layer of mulch.


Last updated: 07/31/2023