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Four Seasons Welcome Post

The Four Seasons Welcome Post can be permanently installed in the ground to greet guests and family any time of year. The post stands over 7 feet and is made of weather-proof, powder-coated steel with polished brass balls and finial.

It comes with a Welcome sign that is detachable, a center loop and hooks for hanging a wreath or flower basket and a Banner Bar to display your favorite outdoor banner or our Cardinal Holiday Banner. The finial is removable and can be interchanged with the optional Four Seasons Brass Lantern. Welcome Post figure 1

Tools needed
Flathead screwdriver
Shovel (for rocky or hard clay soil)

List of parts
Part Description Qty Section A Anchor Stake 1
Section B Middle Bar 1
Section C Cross Bar 1
Section D Top Bar 1
Section E Welcome Sign 1
Section F Banner Bar 1
Brass Finial 1
Brass Balls 2
Threaded End Cap 1
Sign Screws 4

Assembly Instructions
Step 1: Anchor Stake (Section A)
A successful installation of the Welcome Post depends on a properly placed anchor. For ease of installation, find an area in the ground that is clear of rocks or hard clay soil. Push the Anchor Stake (Section A) into the ground with your feet. The foot rests are designed so that you can use both your feet and your body weight to push the stake into the ground.

Push the Anchor Stake into the ground so that the top of the foot rests are level with, or just under, the surface of the ground. If your soil is rocky or the anchor stake is difficult to push into the soil, use a shovel to dig a hole 15 inches deep. Take care not to dig a hole wider than the anchor. If the hole is too wide, the soil may not hold the stake securely in an upright position. If necessary, place rocks in the hole to help stabilize the post.

Step 2: Middle Bar (Section B) Slide the Middle Bar (B) over the Anchor Stake.

(Section E)
Using the four screws, attach the Welcome Sign (E) to the Cross Bar (C). Be sure to determine the direction you want the sign to face and how it should be positioned on the Crossbar before you attach it. The banner hooks on the Crossbar should face the ground.

Step 4: Crossbar (Section C)
Slide the Cross Bar into the Middle Bar (B).

Step 5: Brass Finial and Top Bar (Section D)

Welcome Post figure 2

Slide the Brass Finial into the Top Bar (D). Note: The Brass Finial will easily slide into one end of the Top Bar but not the other end. If it does not slide in easily on your first attempt, do not force it. Simply insert the finial into the other end of the Top Bar. Slide the Top Bar over the Cross Bar (C).

Step 6: Banner Bar (Section F)
Slide the Banner Bar (F) through the banner hooks starting with the outside hook first (C); then thread the End Cap onto the end of the Banner Bar (F). If you are hanging a banner, slide the end of the Banner Bar through the outside hook then slide it through the sleeve of the banner then through the inside hook. Thread the End Cap onto the end of the Banner Bar.

Step 7: Brass Balls
Slide a Brass Ball into each end of the Cross Bar(C). Congratulations! You’ve finished with the main assembly.

Four Seasons Brass Lantern
To attach the optional Four Seasons Brass Lantern, slide the lantern into the end of the attachment bar included with the lantern. Note: The lantern will easily slide into one end of the attachment bar but not the other end. If the lantern does not slide in easily, do not attempt to force it. Simply insert the lantern into the opposite end of the bar. Now remove the finial from the top of the Welcome Post and replace it with the lantern. The lantern will accept either a votive or tea light candle to provide gentle illumination from atop the Welcome Post. Wreath Attachment Instructions

A wreath is one of the most popular ways to greet guests during the holidays. To keep the wreath stationary, attach it to the Welcome Post using the two-point anchor system as shown. Use wire, nylon cord, chains or rope to attach the wreath to the two outer hooks located on the Cross bar (C).

In spring, the Welcome Post can be used to hang a banner, flower baskets and birdfeeders.

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