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Extra Wide Light Garden Assembly Instructions

Figure 1 Parts List
A1 Side Frame 2
A2 Crossbar 3
A3 Pulley Crossbar 2
A4 Shelf Crossbar 4
Poly Trays 2
Power Strip 1

Ball Chains 4
Chain Connectors 8
Split Rings 4
"S" Hooks 4
End Plugs 8
Phillips-head Bolts 18

Frame Assembly
With the help of one other person, you can assemble the Extra Wide Deluxe Light Garden and have it ready to use in less than one hour.

The following tools are needed for assembly:
Phillips screwdriver
Hammer or rubber mallet
Adjustable wrench

Step 1. Lay out all frame parts on a flat, clean surface. The Side Frames and Crossbars are labeled with a number and letter. Match the Frames and Crossbars with the corresponding parts list above. Use the Phillips-head bolts provided to assemble the frame. Do not fully tighten the bolts until Step 8.

Figure 2Step 2. Place the two A1 Side Frames on their sides, parallel on the ground, with the Cleat Plates facing out (Fig. 2). Take the black End Plugs (not shown) from the hardware pack provided. Using a hammer or rubber mallet, tap the End Plugs into the square ends of the A1 Side Frames.

Step 3. Connect the first A2 Crossbar (with logo facing out) to the A1 Side Frames (Fig. 2). Find the threaded-nut insert inside each Crossbar. Insert a Phillips-head Bolt through the A1 Side Frame into the nut insert.

Step 4. Connect two A4 Shelf Crossbars to the A1 Side Frames. Each A4 Shelf Crossbar is box-shaped with a flange (Fig. 3). Make sure the flange is flush with the floor and faces the top of the unit.

Figure 3

Step 5. Connect two A3 Pulley Crossbars to the A1 Side Frames. Place the bolt through the hole located above the Cleat Plate on the A1 Side Frames then through the Pulley Crossbars (Fig. 4).

Step 6. Connect an A2 Crossbar (lower center bar) to the A1 Side Frames (Fig. 4). Figure 4
Figure 5

Step 7. Connect the remaining A2 Crossbar and two A4 Shelf Crossbars to the A1 Side Frames. (Fig. 5).

Step 8. Fully tighten all bolts on the frame, holding the crossbars in place as you tighten. Stand the frame upright. Make sure all outside edges of the Crossbars and Side Frames are flush and secure. Place a Poly Tray on the A4 Shelf Crossbars at each level (Fig. 6).

Ball Chain Assembly
Step 9. Attach the Chain Connectors to the Split Rings (Fig. 7). Use pliers to pry open the Split Rings. (Needlenose pliers work best.) Attach a Ball Chain to each Chain Connector. The last ball of each chain will "snap" onto the connector.

Figure 6
Step 10. Take the loose end of the Ball Chain and thread it through the guide hole on the A1 Side Frame (Fig. 6). Direct the loose end of the Ball Chain over the lip of the pulley inside the A3 Pulley Crossbar (Fig. 8). If this proves difficult, attach a long twist-tie or wire to the end of the chain to help lead the chain over the pulley. Repeat this step to install the Ball Chains through both ends of the Pulley Crossbars and at each level of the frame.

Step 11. Attach a Chain Connector and an "S" Hook to the end of each Ball Chain (Fig. 8a). Allow the chains to hang for now.

Figure 7, 8, and 8a

Step 12. Attach the Power Strip to the A1 Side Frame using the pre-installed screws on one of the A1 Side Frames. No tools are needed. The slots on the back of the Power Strip slide onto the pre-installed screws (Fig. 9). Figure 9

Step 13. Before continuing, Follow the Light Fixture Brace Assembly Instructions below.

Light Fixture Attachment
Step 14. Place a Light Fixture Brace Assembly on each Poly Tray, right side up. Orient the cords to the side of the frame with the Power Strip. Do not install the Fluorescent Tubes into the Fixtures until Step 18.

Step 15. Link the "S" hooks to the middle of the Light Fixture Brace Chains on each Fixture Assembly. Use pliers to pinch both ends of the "S" hooks closed (Fig. 10). Figure 10

Adjusting the Lights
Step 16. Adjust the height of the Light Fixture one side at a time. Pull the Ball Chain out of the guide hole horizontally (Fig. 11). This will allow you to adjust the height with the least amount of resistance and protect the guide hole from abrasion.

Figure 11

Step 17. After you have raised the Light Fixture to the desired height, bring the chain down to meet the Cleat. Lock the Fixture in place by allowing the chain to "release" up into the grooves of the Cleat (Fig. 12). To adjust the height, pull the chain down to release it from the grooves, then change the height as necessary, remembering to pull the chain in a horizontal direction. Once you are comfortable adjusting the pull chain, install the Fluorescent Tubes.

Figure 12 Fluorescent Tubes
Step 18. To make it easier to install the tubes, tilt the fixture assembly and slide the brace chains along the "S" hooks to hang the fixtures at an angle. This will reveal the tube holders underneath. On the end of each fluorescent tube you'll find two pins. Slide the pins into the tube holders vertically, then rotate the tube 90 degrees to lock into place. Three raised bumps will face out indicating proper placement of the tubes.

Step 19. Guide the power cords down the Side Frame, making sure the cords don’t interfere with your ability to raise and lower the lights. Plug in the cords.

For manual control, use the pull switch located between the bulbs. For best results, attach a timer to the Power Strip to control the length of time that the lights are on.

Safety Precautions
As with any electrical device, always unplug the Light Fixtures before doing any assembly, cleaning, or maintenance of this product.

Use the power cords and Power Strip only with a properly grounded electrical outlet. Do not use with a two-plug outlet or extension cord unless the adapter you use is properly grounded.

If water is spilled near the power source, unplug the unit before you wipe up the water.

Do not put objects on top of the frame or the Light Fixture. Care Instructions
* Clean your Light Garden by wiping down the frame with a damp cloth.
* The entire unit may be disassembled for storage.

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