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Bridget Kane, Distribution

Bridget Kane

Employee-owner since: 2005

My gardening style: I have always loved/needed to garden: flowers, vegetables, you name it. Even when I lived in and around the San Francisco Bay area for four years, I had to garden. My parents have always had a giant garden, which I still work in every year. They passed the gardening bug on to me.

Vegetables or flowers?:I like to do in-ground veggies and planters with flowers.

My tip to you: To block weeds, I put down big sheets of plastic when I am setting up in the spring. This is the lazy-weeder's best friend.

When I'm not gardening: I have been known to play a little roller derby (Go, Green Mountain Derby Dames!) and hang out with my dogs.

What people probably don't know about me: I can play the spoons, juggle and move my ears.