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Super-Charge Container Plants with Easy Grow and Easy Bloom

By Suzanne DeJohn, Employee Owner
The benefits of fertilizer

The seedlings on the left show the benefits of Easy Grow.

Easy Grow and Easy Bloom

Our new line of water-soluble fertilizers has two formulations. Start seedlings and young plants off right by feeding them with Easy Grow Fertilizer (15-8-14) to build robust roots and lush foliage. After four weeks, begin feeding flowering and fruiting plants with Easy Bloom Fertilizer (11-15-13) for the healthiest blossoms and fruits.

MY mom always told me to drink milk to make my teeth and bones strong. It turns out, calcium isn't just important for kids; it's also vital to healthy plant growth. It creates strong cell walls, increases fruit set, improves fruit quality and helps fend off diseases.

When we set out to create our new container fertilizers, Easy Grow and Easy Bloom, we wanted a complete fertilizer that contained all the important plant nutrients, including calcium.

When it comes to fertilizing, nutrient availability is key. The chemical structure of nutrients is critical to plants' ability to use them. Some fertilizers list lots of nutrients on their labels, but they're in forms plants can't readily use. Others contain just the "big three" nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — but none of the many other nutrients plants need to thrive.

Easy Grow and Easy Bloom contain all the nutrients plants need, in forms that plants can use right away. In particular, our fertilizer manufacturer has devised a proprietary technique that ensures the calcium is highly available to plants, making it much more effective compared to the many other soluble fertilizers on the market. In our test garden, tomatoes fertilized with Easy Grow and Easy Bloom produced 50 percent more tomatoes than comparable plants fed with other fertilizers!

Why a Special Fertilizer for Containers?

Fertilizers and Soil

Having the right nutrients and soil structure are essential for plant health. Fertilizers and soil mixes help ensure this.

What's unique about plants growing in pots and planters, that they need their own special fertilizer? Here are a few ways container-grown plants are different from plants growing in the garden.

Confined roots. In the garden, plant roots venture out several feet or even yards in search of water and nutrients. When grown in pots, on the other hand, plant roots are confined; they can't reach out into the surrounding soil search of nutrients. Container plants depend on you to supply the water and nutrients they need to thrive.

Soilless planting mixes. Many so-called soil mixes actually contain no soil; they're usually made with peat, coir and/or perlite. The benefits are that they weigh less and offer better drainage than garden soil. However, soilless mixes contain few, if any, nutrients on their own. That means that you must supply all the nutrients the plants need in the form of fertilizer.

No beneficial microbes. Soilless planting mixes have been sterilized to ensure there are no plant disease organisms. However, that means that there are no beneficial microbes, either. Some types of fertilizers rely on soil microbes to break them down into forms plants can use. That's fine in garden soil, but in containers without any soil microbes, the nutrients must be in a form that's readily available to plants.

Easy Grow and Easy Bloom: Super-Soluble, Super-Efficient

All plants grow best when they have all the nutrients they need, when they need them. Unlike slow-release fertilizers, soluble fertilizers provide an immediate source of nutrients. Easy Grow and Easy Bloom are made from highly purified nutrients in forms plants can use right away. Unlike other fertilizers that contain impurities and fillers, Easy Grow and Easy Bloom won't cause salt build up in the soil or on the surface of porous containers. Here are a few other ways our fertilizers stand out:

  • They contain no animal by-products.
  • They're odorless and won't attract animals.
  • They're highly concentrated. When diluted as directed, the 3.6-ounce container of Easy Grow makes 33 gallons of fertilizer for seedlings, making it our most economical fertilizer!

Get ready to grow the biggest veggie crops and most bountiful bouquets ever in your containers and elevated gardens with Easy Grow and Easy Bloom.

Last updated: 10/24/15