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Copper Sprinkler Assembly Instructions

The Copper Sprinkler attaches to a standard garden hose. When fully assembled, it stands five feet high. The water spray simulates a gentle rain and can reach to thirty feet in diameter.

The Copper Sprinkler includes the following parts:
Copper Tube with Sprinkler
Heavy Duty Stake

Tools needed for assembly:
Adjustable Wrench

Step 1. Carefully screw the Copper Tube into the Stake and firmly tighten with an adjustable wrench.

Step 2. Attach a garden hose to the hose connector on the Stake.

Step 3. Locate an area in your yard or garden where the soil is firm. Push the stake into the ground with your foot. Hold the Copper Tube as straight as possible as you push the Stake into the ground. Note: If the ground is not firm, or if you make adjustments to the Stake, the sprinkler may not be straight. In either case, take out the Stake and push it into a new location in the ground until it's stable.

Step 4. To operate the sprinkler, simply turn the water on or off.

Important: Do not leave the Copper Sprinkler outdoors in freezing temperatures. Freezing water trapped inside will split the copper tube.

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