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Bird in Hands Feeder

The Bird in Hands garden sculpture can be filled with birdseed or water to nourish and refresh visiting birds. If you use the sculpture as a birdfeeder, please take special care to ensure the safety and health of our feathered friends. Place the sculpture on a deck railing, post or other open area off the ground where birds will be safe from predators (such as cats) while feeding.

Keep the birdseed clean and dry and watch that it doesn't become moldy. Moldy birdseed can lead to disease in birds. Clean and disinfect the feeder at least twice a month.

The sculpture is made of a frost-resistant polyresin that has been protected with a thin coat of polyurethane. Although it is frost-resistant, we recommend that you bring it indoors during extended periods of freezing weather.

To prolong the life of the feeder, you may apply a new coat of polyurethane before placing it outdoors the next season. Use a clear, exterior-grade polyurethane (available at most hardware and paint stores). Polyurethane finish will not harm birds that feed or bathe.

Make sure the finish is completely dry before filling the feeder with water or seed. Keep in mind that a polyurethane finish requires regular maintenance and a new coat must be applied before deterioration of the old coat begins.

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