Bigger, Bolder, Brighter: Why Our Premium Amaryllis Can’t Be Beat

Close up of Flamenco Queen Amaryllis Bloom

We adore amaryllis. And we hope it shows. We also know that our amaryllis-adoring customers want blooms that wow — bigger, bolder, brighter offerings that add perfect pops of color and cheer to your holiday decor, and can be given as gorgeous gifts, all potted up and ready to stun.

Gardener’s Supply goes to great lengths to deliver a superior amaryllis experience, offering:

  • a wide range of well-known and exclusive new varieties,
  • grown from larger, higher-quality premium bulbs,
  • raised by expert growers in Holland,
  • and planted in cachepots that we design to complement each variety.

From top to bottom, and pot to blossom, our amaryllis aim to amaze!

More Bloom for Your Buck

Bulbs are botanical underground “storage,” containing all the energy and nutrients a plant needs to grow and eventually flower. If you were to compare two different sized bulbs of the same variety, the larger bulb would contain more energy reserves, so it makes sense that it would subsequently grow a larger plant with more stems and a greater number of blooms. Each Gardener’s premium bulb produces 1-3 sturdy stems which then unfurl 3-5 blooms per stem. That’s a lot of bloom for your buck!

Growing a Better Bloom

We know our customers want the biggest, most beautiful amaryllis blooms, so we work with the world’s leading experts in Holland to select our bulbs for size and quality, to ensure that only the finest bulbs reach your door. When we say “premium,” we mean it!

We partner with these same growers to develop new and exclusive varieties. Generations of plant breeding knowledge allows our growers to select for color, height, flower shape, disease resistance, and consistency when developing an exclusive variety. It can take several years to breed a new amaryllis plant from seed to flower and upwards of 10 years before a new variety is ready for the commercial market. But we think you’ll find it’s worth the wait!


Something for Everyone

Gardener’s carries a wide selection of amaryllis varieties catering to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a classic favorite, an easy-to-grow gift, or a rare beauty, we have options that will make you fall in love with amaryllis all over again.

  • From fiery reds to blushing pinks and vibrant whites, our blooms sport eye-catching colors and awe-inspiring accents.
  • For the flower fan that just can’t get enough, our Doubles and Trios multiply the beauty with two or three bulbs planted in one cachepot.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got waxed amaryllis bulbs that are so easy to care for, they can make a greenhorn feel like a green thumb. Entirely self-contained in a stylish wax coating, they don’t require planting or watering.
  • And if you’re struggling to find something for the “amaryllis lover who has everything”? Elegant, orchid-like Cybister varieties offer a rare and exotic tropical treat for the amaryllis aficionado. Or explore exclusive new varieties only available through Gardener’s Supply Company.
Cybister Varieties of Amaryllis

The Pot is Not an Afterthought

Especially when so many people give amaryllis as gifts, we try to build full-package, ready-to-give offerings. So, we don’t just take extra care when selecting cachepots — we design the cachepots ourselves to emphasize and enhance each variety. Our exclusive, high-quality cachepots provide a final touch of elegance to an already beautiful floral display, and can be used year after year.

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter — All-Around Better

Sure, there are other places to buy amaryllis, but at Gardener’s, we offer amaryllis for true amaryllis lovers — because that’s who we are. And if you’re like us, anticipating amaryllis time all year long, every holiday season is a new chance to fill our homes (and our offices, and our family’s and friends’ homes!) with beautiful bursts of big, bold, bright amaryllis blooms! From the growers we partner with and the varieties we offer, to the bulbs we select and the cachepots we plant them in, Gardener’s Supply works tirelessly to deliver superior products and to truly create a premium amaryllis experience.

Last updated: 12/13/2022