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Oval Harvest Baskets

These superbly crafted bamboo baskets are handmade by the Catdang Cooperative in Vietnam. For centuries, sturdy baskets such as these have been used for carrying everything from rice to coal. Oval-shaped for comfort and ease of holding at the waist, these baskets also work well for gathering vegetables, flowers, herbs or salad greens.

Upon opening the package, you will notice a smoky scent. This is because the baskets are placed in a smoldering fire pit as a last step in the crafting process. The heat in the pit is a natural way to fumigate the baskets of insects and seal the bamboo from rot.

A portion of the proceeds from the baskets is used to fund initiatives that improve the lives of the people in the cooperative community. If you are interested in supporting the project, please contact Charles Miller at Catdang Basket Project, Box 340, Thetford Centre, Vermont 05075.

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