The GSC Guide to Amaryllis Varieties

Beloved blooms are easy to give, easy to care for

Two varieties of amaryllis in bloomWe have amaryllis varieties to suit every taste! Left: Traditional with a twist: Scarlet Belle, a Gardener's Supply exclusive, has huge double blooms. Right: Exotic Sumatra Cybister has orchid-like blooms in luscious tropical hues.

There's a reason amaryllis are everywhere during the winter holidays: They're super easy and super fun to grow, produce huge, dramatic blooms that last for weeks, and bring months of joy for gift recipients. The bulbs arrive rarin' to go, ready to grow, and will burst into bloom in just weeks! Best of all, no green thumb needed. (Our waxed amaryllis need near zero care!)

Easy to Give, Easy to Grow Amaryllis

The hardest part is choosing varieties! Every amaryllis in our curated collection is sure to delight. We've include traditional favorites as well as new-to-the-scene showstoppers. For an especially dramatic display or over-the-top gift, we offer several multi-bulb gardens and sets. Here are some considerations to help you choose.

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Amaryllis Flower Shapes — Which is Your Favorite?

From classic singles to opulent doubles to exotic cybisters — each is a delight to behold.

  • Single flowers have one row of petals and include many traditional favorites, such as Ferrari.
  • Double flowers have two or more layers of petals, giving them a full, sometimes frilly appearance.
  • Cybister varieties have exotic, orchid-like blooms with long, strappy petals.
three amaryllis flower shapesLeft: single-flowered Candy Queen has simply stunning flowers. Middle: Double-flowered Alfresco boasts multiple layers of petals. Right: The strappy petals of Rose Cybister give it an exotic flair.


Going Big and Bold? We've Got You Covered!

Premium Bulbs = Bigger, Better Blooms. Our bulbs are larger, producing huge flowers on multiple flower stalks. If you're looking for bold holiday decor and gifts to impress, choose from any of the varieties in our varieties in our Premium Amaryllis Bulbs and Deluxe Potted Bulbs. Or consider the super-sized Giant Amadeus with flowers up to 9" across!

Stunning Multi-Bulb Gardens. A single amaryllis is a sight to behold, but a planter with multiple bulbs is a show-stopper. The Provence Amaryllis Trio includes a sophisticated combination of three elegant varieties. The extravagant blooms command attention and are sure to inspire awe in the lucky recipients on your gift list.

Large-flowered amaryllisThe huge blooms of Giant Amadeaus, left, and stunning Provence Trio, right, inspire awe in all who see them.
Velvet Waxed Amaryllis

Focused on Fuss-Free? Waxed Amaryllis are the Answer!

No water, no soil needed! The sumptuous blooms spring like magic from the waxed bulbs in as little as six weeks! Each bulb holds the moisture and nutrients it needs to spring forth into bloom. Choose from a variety of bulb "fashions," including velvet, artisan accents, and eye-popping hues. Bring your holiday decor to life — and stock up on easy, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Left: Cloaked in sumptuous velvet, our Easy Care Waxed Velvet Amaryllis makes any holiday setting extra elegant and opulent.

waxed amaryllisLeft: Intriguing splashes of contrasting wax add pizzazz to to the Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis Art Mix bulbs. Right: Choose from traditional wax colors or mix things up with unexpected hues in our Easy Care Waxed Amaryllis Color Mix!


Upside-down Waxed Amaryllis

Wow! Upside-Down Waxed Amaryllis!

Take your holiday decor out of this world and create a focal point like no other with our Upside Down Waxed Amaryllis with Brass Hanger. No watering or planting is needed, and the swiveling hanger lets you rotate the blooms for the best view. Deep red flowers are 6-8" across will bloom in just a few weeks.


"Plant 'Em Yourself" Bulbs

Choose from the specially curated varieties in our Premium Amaryllis Bulbs to plant up in your favorite planter. Or choose one of our indoor planters that are at least 6" in diameter.

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Last updated: 12/13/2022