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Durable Beauty from Peterboro Basket Co.

Our beautiful and sturdy Harvest Gathering Basket is handcrafted in New Hampshire by a company that’s been in the basket-making business since 1854. Peterboro Basket Company weaves its baskets out of American hardwood, the same strong and durable wood that is used to make baseball bats, snowshoes and hammer handles. “Our baskets are meant to be used,” says company owner Wayne Dodds. “Native Americans made similar baskets. Maine fishermen have used them for many years. And they even were used on New York City subways.” Talk about durable!

Basket weaving
Making a basket at Peterboro Basket Co.

The Harvest Gathering Basket has been in production for decades. Originally designed for the blueberry industry, the basket holds six quart-sized containers. But its size, shape, sturdiness and beauty make it versatile — in addition to harvesting berries, you can use it to gather vegetables, shop at the farmer's market, tote picnic supplies and arrange countertop displays of fresh-picked fruit.

Truly an all-American product, our Harvest Gathering Basket is not only hand-woven in New Hampshire, even the brass tacks are specially manufactured in Whitman, MA. “It’s a product you can’t cut corners with,” says Dodds, who says they’re keeping alive a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. “Only two or three companies in the United States are making baskets this way.”

Last updated: 7/9/19

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